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Let me share with you...

Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Mireille Mathys and I am a fashion stylist by profession. In February 2004 I was diagnosed with a breast cancer.

This painful discovery was followed by two operations and chemotherapy treatment.

Like many people taking similar medication, I lost all my hair. A wig was some consolation during this period, but quite often I preferred wearing a comfortable yet feminine and aesthetic cap!

This illness together with my professional experience inspired me to create a collection of models suited to the situation. I have conceived the brand miroir thinking of all other women who, because of medical treatment or for other reasons, find themselves deprived of their hair.

I want to present a selection of caps, turbans and practical head covers that are elegant and in accordance with fashion trends.

The brand miroir represents a renewed self-confidence with the desire to be beautiful.

You can view the complete miroir collection on this web site and you may contact me at: I shall be happy to send you more information and a pricelist.

With my warmest regards

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